Thursday, November 11, 2010

Girls' day out...

It was 28th of October when Miss Tomtom knocked at my door.“Stuti, we are planning to go for a trip to vindhyachal and windham falls….you interested?”Bored by the mundane life here,  I said a voracious ‘yes’ and 30th October  was the day when we  all embarked for that fun-filled journey.

We started off early in the morning at 7. The skies were crisp blue and the breeze was cool, just perfect to bolster up our already brimming enthusiasm.Our first stop was Vindhyachal Devi….err…Rajput Dhaba. The royalty this name holds is immensly misleading and was in no way evident in that dhaba. But considering the kind of growling hunger we all were suffering from, any food was good food. Bon appétit!! I pounced on the parathas as soon as they were laid before us. Believe me, it was way more rewarding and satisfying than any other sumptuous meal.

The next destination was Vidhyachal Devi , an ancient temple of Goddess Durga situated amidst several serpentine streets and bylanes. Everything about that place was naïve, innocuous and familiar; the streets laiden with small prasad, toys, wooden artifacts and utensil shops, we being addressed as nau deviyan and the incessant urge from people standing at the end of the queue to move forward. Despite a policeman and his family blocking our way to main temple for more than 30 minutes, we managed to cross the threshold. SATAN VICTORIOUS!!

It was time to head towards Windham falls. Behold !! The view was breath-taking. I never knew a place so beautiful existed so close to Allahabad.A stream of water gushing down with full force over numerous boulders and not a soul around except the nine of us; indeed an idyllic experience.Cold running water under our feet and delicate winter sun overhead, the feeling was surreal.

The peace of the place was soon annihilated by a family of four adults and fourteen children (yes we did the count as there wasn’t anything better to do).  Miss Tomtom now persuaded us all to get drenched but ignoring it completely, Miss Fatso suggested visiting Sitamarhi, the place where Sitaji supposedly surrendered herself to mother earth. The suggestion was more than welcomed as we still had copious time in hand.So after a couple of some more clicks, we left but I made up my mind to visit that place again.

Contrary to what I had imagined, Sitamarhi was a clean, serene and high-tech (you’ll soon know why ) place. We were welcomed by a gigantic, imposing Hanuman statue. The temple was artistically made and engravings on the walls were intricate and beautiful. 
Miss LOL and Miss Fatso now wanted to stay back for the aarti. There was a debate about it as it was already getting late and there was a possibility of us reaching hostel (read prison) after 9:00 pm. (Bah!! Special privilege of half an hour was given considering it was a Saturday) I was one of the staunch opposers of staying back but we eventually did and nobody could be happier than me about it. My first few minutes of the prayer were spent in noticing how automated everything was in that temple. During the recitation of aarti, the temple bell and dholak were played by electric motors.(yes !!) Their rhythm was obviously impeccable. The aarti too, for a change, was sung in perfect tune and melody. For the first time in this primarily religious trip, I had a pious feeling.

The return journey comprised of continual chitchat about everything under the sun- jobs, movies, college, love life, professors, friends, philosophy; and all this with old hindi songs playing in the background. I can never in my life forget the comparison made by Miss Tomtom between pre-placement period and something (wink!!) We managed to reach hostel way before time; tired but happy, satisfied and recharged. Indeed a wonderful day out !! 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hopeful Dreams....

Standing on the hilltop, I looked around
It was just me, the clouds and brook’s gushing sound
The people below looked tiny like ants
The bell at a distant temple chimed, the saints uttered chants

The gentle zephyr caressed against my cheek
As if telling me it wasn’t all bleak
My eyes now fell on a group of grazing cobs
When suddenly I was taken aback by soft faint sobs

Right across, there stood a bleary-eyed boy
Sad he was, for he had dropped a toy
I went up to him and tried to calm him down
He gazed closely at me and asked if I was new in town

“Yes”, I said to which he smiled and turned to go
But then he got close to me and pointed up at the rainbow
Life has beautiful colours, you just need to see
The toy is gone, but who knows what’s still there for me.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

The First post

This was imminent.With half of the people around me doing it and the the other half convincing, bellowing and reprimanding me for not doing it hitherto. So, in the middle of all this furore, here I am writing my first post.

Most of you must have taken the note of the blunt, unattractive title I have given to this very write-up. The reason for this is pretty much explicable and obvious- anything that you do for the first time is always special and you want to remember it just that way. Your first day to school, first friend, first achievement, first love and on the same lines, first blog-post.

Verba Mea, as the blog title says, stands for 'My words' in Latin.So far in life, society has taught me to be myself and speak my mind. This blog is merely an outlet of those thoughts and emotions that bubble up in my mind everytime I look around keenly or close my eyes and contemplate deeply.

With this, I end my 'first post'.Comments, suggestions, arguments, disagreements or merely statements; everything and anything is invited from the readers.

Cheers !!!