Monday, August 30, 2010

The First post

This was imminent.With half of the people around me doing it and the the other half convincing, bellowing and reprimanding me for not doing it hitherto. So, in the middle of all this furore, here I am writing my first post.

Most of you must have taken the note of the blunt, unattractive title I have given to this very write-up. The reason for this is pretty much explicable and obvious- anything that you do for the first time is always special and you want to remember it just that way. Your first day to school, first friend, first achievement, first love and on the same lines, first blog-post.

Verba Mea, as the blog title says, stands for 'My words' in Latin.So far in life, society has taught me to be myself and speak my mind. This blog is merely an outlet of those thoughts and emotions that bubble up in my mind everytime I look around keenly or close my eyes and contemplate deeply.

With this, I end my 'first post'.Comments, suggestions, arguments, disagreements or merely statements; everything and anything is invited from the readers.

Cheers !!!