Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hopeful Dreams....

Standing on the hilltop, I looked around
It was just me, the clouds and brook’s gushing sound
The people below looked tiny like ants
The bell at a distant temple chimed, the saints uttered chants

The gentle zephyr caressed against my cheek
As if telling me it wasn’t all bleak
My eyes now fell on a group of grazing cobs
When suddenly I was taken aback by soft faint sobs

Right across, there stood a bleary-eyed boy
Sad he was, for he had dropped a toy
I went up to him and tried to calm him down
He gazed closely at me and asked if I was new in town

“Yes”, I said to which he smiled and turned to go
But then he got close to me and pointed up at the rainbow
Life has beautiful colours, you just need to see
The toy is gone, but who knows what’s still there for me.....