Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Live on...

Withered tree stands with arid leaves around in a pile
It once was prime and fantastically juvenile
You knew this will happen then why,
Why my heart do you at all cry?

You toiled and tried day in day out
Brave you were, never in a doubt
But pearls are found only in oceans deep
Then why my heart do you at all weep?

It was known to me long before
The yacht is never going to reach the shore
The hands softened by your touch are now parched and pale
But no my heart, you aren't allowed to wail.

Barbed wires surround my house with walls sullen grey
I wish them washed with sunlight, to bake new toys of clay
With light and colours I now stand clad
Oh my heart, you need not be sad...


  1. Profound yet smooth. My fav teacher always used to say, "Watch and Learn". I now know what he meant :D

  2. Awesome fantastic ....

    Though heart may often feel sad
    The feeling is not always that bad
    Coz with misery we often learn
    The price of the happiness that we earn
    I would just want to say
    Life always finds a way

    Live on :) :)