Monday, August 20, 2012

The ebb and flow..

Once I took refuge on a sturdy rock in the middle of the river
It held the promise of guarding me against fierce currents and cold-stricken quiver
But toppled the rock tossing me amidst tumultuous ripples
Tear-drop is washed away with the wave as soon as it trickles

Currents are meandering and free, nobody is at their helm
They eat away the shores which house them, direct them
With the river, to a serene place, I was flown to
Lush green shores, calm waters and a beautiful union of the two

Tempestuous waters ought not be placated
After all, they flow you to a place where happiness is slated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The sea of life..

The sun rays glistened in the azure blue sea
The winds against my body awakened the liveliness in me
Shoes of sadness I now threw off
Soft sand tickled my feet, nothing at all I thought of

Saw a boat floating on the reflection of the sun
Fainter it grew as it neared the horizon
Horizon if it seeks, it'll wander on and on
It's destination doesn't exist, will this make it forlorn?

Morose if it becomes, lose the charm of journey it may
Till the oars keep cutting water, a hope in heart should stay
The calm water of sea, I know,can never meet the gigantic sun
It is although kissed and warmed by the golden rays, till the day is done

Building sand-castles on the beach, I gazed at the sea
Mesmerized by its pretence, beguiling charms and eternity
With reddening of the sky, I knew its time to flee
Oh well ! This encompasses life, here lies its nitty-gritty.