Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lyrics and Lyrics

A taxi ride to office this morning reminded me how much I used to enjoy listening to songs. Grappling with fast-paced city life, I realized that it has been a while since I sat down peacefully just to listen to my favourite tunes and get lost in their melody. How I miss that world I was transported to? The tracks I heard on my way to office made me appreciate the beauty of simplicity more. There are certain songs that are literary masterpieces and you can’t help but appreciate their writer’s vivid imagination and choice of words. However, there are some songs which have only a line or two which very unassumingly leave a profound impact. These lines either hit us hard with their straightforwardness or they single-handedly help us paint a picture of lyricist’s thoughts. I have tried to compile a list of such lines from some of my favourite Hindi songs (one of which I heard this morning), not specific to any era, which have marvelled me time and again.

1)      ‘Khaali bore dopaharon se-  ‘Bunty aur Babli’
The idea of a chhota shehar could not have been put better. Whenever I go to my home town, which happens to be a small place in western UP, the afternoons just don’t seem to end. The entire neighbourhood becomes spookily silent and many a time, I have found myself feeling pleased after hearing sound of footsteps on the road outside.
2)      ‘Farvari ki sardiyon ki dhoop mein,……,haule haule Marwa ke Raag mein- Saathiya’
A kind sunshine during the pleasantly cold month of February with the serene Marwa raag playing in the background, there can be no other setting more aptly characterizing the tenderness of love. Absolutely brilliant!
3)      ‘Apni to haar hai- Saagar’
Whenever I hear SP Balasubramanium sing this poignant line with a slight chuckle, partially to conceal self-pity and partially to laugh off the unfairness of life, my heart just melts.
4)      ‘Beh jaaye rang meri chunar se- sung by Shubha Mudgal’
A woman unapologetically wishing to get drenched in such a heavy downpour that the colours of reticence, restraint and repression get washed off her existence; she no longer wants to be caged to get some figurative respect.
5)      ‘Masti bhare mann ki bholi si aasha- Roja’
As much as AR Rehman was lauded for his outstanding music, the lyricist of this song, Late PK Mishra, is equally responsible for the subtle blissfulness this song creates.  This line in particular, captures the aspirations of an innocent and carefree mind which doesn’t realize how big its dreams actually are and for this reason per se, is more likely to fulfil them.
6)      ‘Bhool na jana mujhe sab poochenge warna-Guru’
Such a naive appeal from a simple, homely girl whose lover stays far from her.  An undying trust, a moment of slight doubt, a little restlessness and a perennial fear of their love being questioned by others in case he never comes back; all this is so ingenuously stated in this one line.

One of favourite characters, Winnie The Pooh, rightly says- “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts.” 

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