Monday, December 7, 2015

The Reflection

Staring into the mirror, I looked at my reflection
I smiled, popped out my eyes,  waited for its reaction
Copied my every move that piece of another me
Showing no intention to come out, no will to break free

"Come out", I thought and she understood
"The life outside is happy, the world here is good"
She looked unfazed, ignoring my thought
A sardonic smile on her lips, my fine words brought

"What makes her mock my plight? ", I thought hard and deep
She shrugged helplessly,  it's the secret she had to keep
"Come over to this side", I heard her say
"The world here is better, night doesn't loom over day"

Never had I thought of a world beyond mine
"Break the mirror and she'll cease to exist", it's just a matter of time
"Oh wait!", I thought of result of my action
"What if it annihilates me? What if I am the reflection?"