Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Disentanglement, like swathes between shrubs, exists between us
Separates you from me and me from you, can this be true?
The middling yet meddling distance
Wide enough to leap, deep enough to keep

Like a painting only sightless can see
Like a thought that can't exist but only be
Like a promise that isn't kept but not broken
Like a fate than isn't detested but not chosen

I am a rooted tree one moment
while a drifting cloud the other
I am a happy novella one moment
while an incomplete poem the other

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Known Answer

Too small a heart, harbours love, happiness and sadness
Too small the eyes, behold beauty, calmness and madness
Too small the feet, toddle a little and run to far off places
Too small a face, prepares for a thousand smile-worthy faces

Much little a time, to decide on the countless indecisions
Much little a time, to revise the cherished visions
Much little a time, to destroy, create and destroy
Much little a time, from day to night for the interim ploy

Known all along were the dismays and desires
Known all along were the blossoms and mires
Known all along was the web of known, unknown and surmise
Known all along was the eternal question- to fade or to rise